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Jennifer Rohn 7 March 2005

A lab at night...if you work in this building and can correctly identify it, will profile you!

Modern science is a unique and intriguing world worthy of wider exposure

Thank you for visiting, a forum for all topics related to the culture of science in fiction and fact. is dedicated to real laboratory culture and to the portrayal and perceptions of that culture – science, scientists and labs – in fiction, the media and across popular culture. The site is intended for non-scientists as well as scientists, and the goal is to inform, entertain and surprise. was conceived partially as a response to the misleading or stereotypical images of science and scientists that abound, and partially in recognition that modern science is a unique and intriguing world worthy of wider exposure. And its denizens are often burning with untapped creative potential, which emerges in a number of remarkable ways in labs around the globe.

Our name lab lit has a dual meaning. First, it suggests the illumination of a largely unknown or obscure world, and pertains to one main part of our brief: the culture of science in fact. The term, which I coined in 2001 and which is now used widely, also describes a small but growing genre of literary fiction (or other fiction media) in which scientific characters, activities or themes are portrayed in a realistic manner; this angle is explored here as the second major emphasis: the culture of science in fiction. In this magazine, you will find essays about lab culture and lab-based fiction; profiles and interviews of scientists, novelists, playwrights, artists and other notables; original science-related short fiction, serialized novels and poetry; humor; opinion; reviews; and artwork. We also highlight outtakes from real laboratory life, including photos, quotes, links and other observations. Finally, has a few interactive features, including surveys, quizzes, competitions and a lively forum for online debate. We heartily welcome quality material from any interested reader who has something to say or show and would like to contribute to any regular (or irregular) section. Please contact us with your proposal.

If you want to appreciate the striking world of modern science to the fullest, you have to know the truth behind stereotypes. We hope you enjoy what you find.