Benjamin Heisenberg on the Zeitgeist

"The time of science in films in coming."

- Benjamin Heisenberg as quoted in Nature

An exciting new 'lab lit' film, Schläfer (Sleeper), a thriller with a molecular biologist protagonist, is making the rounds in Europe, reveals Alison Abbott, who recently interviewed its director, Benjamin Heisenberg in Nature. Heisenberg is no stranger to science; he is the grandson of Werner Heisenberg (of 'uncertainty' fame) and his father is a prominent behavioral researcher. What's more, his cousin Katerina zu Eulenburg, an immunology grad student, helped the actors get the lab scenes right, "teaching them how to pipette liquids and handle animals". Her gloved hands were even used for close-up scenes of molecular lab action.

You can read the rest of this highly entertaining interview here provided you have a subscription.