In search of the best laboratory Haiku!

The winning entry:

A description of
My scientific project
Kills conversation

- Sally Devries

Congratuations, Sally!

Other notable poems:

Spare a thought today
For the humble bacillus
Tumbling in the wind

- Rob Parker

Fizzing particles
Running their paces blindly:

- Dr. MP

Four years of hard work
No fun, no party, no life
all in vain: the scoop

- anonymous

Boss is out of town
Suddenly life looks better:
Empty lab at 5

- Clara

Conference party
Blue-eyed postdoc after me
Will she steal my fame?

- F. Clark


Swirling tendrils grow
Caressing the bottle glass
fungus in buffer

- name withheld by request

Slave on grant, give talk;
Journal club, write article
No experiments

- Mary G.

I dream of worker's comp

Pipetting all day
Pipetting all night, wonder
when carpel tunnel?

- The Shadow

Watch is running slow
My friends are growing older:

- Joe Stanwick

Summer lab blues

Flask at the window
contents yellow from the sun
experiment fails

- Julie Webb

Sleeping on a cot
In the back of the night lab
Starts to lose its fun


Thanks to all who entered!