Hugh Cormican on physicists

"Physicists have this reputation for geekiness, but things have moved on – the geeks mostly run the world now."

- Hugh Cormican, as quoted in The New Scientist

Journalist Stephen Battersby recently interviewed three people, including entrepreneur Cormican, who had used their physics training in different ways. Cormican never wanted to be an academic, deviating from the traditional path even before he finished his Ph.D. Now he’s the managing director of Andor Technology, a company that supplies high-tech cameras for use in science.

According to Cormicon, characteristics that make one a good physicist also come in handy in business: “Business is something physicists tackle with similar zeal to tackling other problems: you build a model and test it; if it works you go further, otherwise you change the model.” And he claims that their stereotypical “introversion” is also no impediment.

You can read the rest of the piece here.