Marina Hyde on Stephen Hawking

”[Stephen Hawking's] presence prompted a flurry of speculation that he had himself slipped through some tear in the space-time continuum, and found himself in a world where celebrities are shown more reverence than scientists solving the mysteries of the universe. Oh...right.”

- Marina Hyde, writing in the Guardian

In her spoof celeb column ‘Lost in Showbiz’, the inestimable Hyde relates how the great theoretical physicist blundered into the 70th birthday party of Barbara Windsor, the grand dame of Eastender’s, in Kensington’s Royal Garden Hotel last week. Apparently it was all a misunderstanding, but most of the guests assumed he was on the invite list. It seems, however, that such a condescension from Windsor would have been as improbable as time travel.

Also according to Hyde, this sighting follows on reports of Hawking in two additional earthy locales: enjoying the strippers perform in the London bar Stringfellows and schmoozing with the dancers in an analogous Parisian establishment . According to the Sun, a fellow Stringfellows guest reported that Stephen shared a “cuddle” with one of the performers, and watched the girls “slide up and down poles all night.”

Hawking, just a normal guy? Never.

You can read Hyde’s entire piece here.