Simon Singh on physicists

"Physicists also smile when we see rainbows, but our emotional reaction is doubled by our understanding of the deep physics relating to the prismatic effects of raindrops…Understanding physics only enhances the beauty of nature."

- Dr. Simon Singh, particle physicist and author

In a recent Guardian article about the sorry state of physics education in Britain, Singh criticizes, amongst other issues, the poet John Keats’s snide remarks about Sir Isaac Newton. Keats claimed that Newton’s explanation of how rainbows work undermines their beauty. Singh also notes that his parents emigrated from India to the UK so that their children could be guaranteed a good education, but that today, India produces "more mathematicians than the whole of the European Union".

"A budding boffin in Bangalore probably stands more chance of having good mathematics and physics teachers than the equivalent bright young spark condemned to a British science education", he adds.

You can read the entire article here.