Elizabeth Kolbert on US Republicans and climate change

“Not content merely to ignore the science, they have decided to go after the scientists.”

- Elizabeth Kolbert, writing in the The New Yorker

In the latest issue, Kolbert describes the sober and uneasy situation that climate science finds itself in the new Republican-controlled US House of Representatives. Now poised to be able to do real damage, the party – which includes climate change denialists, members that accept big contributions from the oil industry, and at least one person who quotes Genesis as proof that God won’t let the earth get dangerously warm – are in a position to abolish a global warming oversight committee (either that, or take it over and subvert its purpose towards the opposite pole) and in other ways do real damage to the rest of the world’s efforts to reduce global carbon emissions. And yes, they plan to open up yet more investigations into the “real malfeasance” of climate scientists, which they seem to view as enemies of the state.

The article is thoughtful, free of charge and definitely worth reading.