Cho Jae-hyon on South Korea's stem cell scandal

"Now is time for the government to establish a system to stem cheating and ethical violations. At the same time, scientists need to build a more democratic lab atmosphere with more efficient internal monitoring mechanisms in which junior researchers are free to call foul."

- Cho Jae-hyon, Finance Editor of The Korea Times

This quote appears in a recent editorial in The Korea TImes in response to the scandal surrounding Dr. Woo-suk Hwang, South Korea's fallen "king of cloning". After resigning following a confession that he'd lied repeatedly about his lab's ethically dubious use of human ova, he is now in the process of retracting his celebrated Science paper about the generation of the world's first patient-specific stem cell lines due to suspected fraud. The editorial, which explains how the event seems to correlate with Korea's culture of corruption and which calls for changes in both scientific as well as political culture, can be read in its entirety here.