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Ten new additions to the LabLit list

Jennifer Rohn 31 July 2011

Summer reading: your list just got longer

One of the most popular resources on this website is the LabLit List, a curated and ongoing record of novels, plays, films and TV programs in the ‘lab lit’ genre. New entries are nominated by our readership and, after initial inspection by our editorial team, are vetted and organized by one of our staff volunteers, Åsa Karlström. Today’s latest additions are the usual varied mix of new items and old ones that time has forgotten, including thrillers, conventional novels and historical fiction. But for the first time, our list now also includes two entries aimed at the young adult market (special thanks to Dr. Amy Rogers for having brought these to our attention).

We hope that you continue to enjoy the List, and if you think anything’s missing, please do contact us. Remember, ‘lab lit’ is defined as fiction featuring a scientist as a central character, plying his or her trade as a profession in the real world – it is not science fiction. For more information about the genre, and about the new titles below, please check out The List.

Novels in today’s update:

Deadly, by Julie Chibbaro (Drama for young adults)

State Of Wonder by Ann Patchett (Drama)

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth by Stuart Clark (Historical drama)

Double Helix by Nancy Werlin (Drama for young adults)

Spiral by Paul McEuan (Thriller)

The Music of the Spheres by Elizabeth Redfern (Historical drama)

Deja Dead (and others in the series) by Kathy Reichs (Thriller)

The Condition by Jennifer Haigh (Drama)

Germline by Nelson Erlick (Thriller)

Don Among the Dead Men by CE Vulliamy (Thriller)