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Five neuro poems

From the LabLit science verse series

A.N. Hegde 18 December 2011

Neuronal Breakup

I say ipsi you say contra
I say glutamate you say GABA
I say excite you say inhibit
I say extend you say stay put
Let’s call the whole thing off

Stimulated We Stand

We neurons are social beings
We like to make connections
like tree branches
gently nudging each other
or in a fierce embrace
called the synapse
We like a little transmission
every now and then
from our kith and kin
whether they are far or near
or else we withdraw and wither

Sensory Homunculus

I lie here in the postcentral gyrus
ugly and twisted so you the outer body
beautiful and symmetrical
can receive sensory impulses
My big lips are in a bloated face
so you can enjoy your kiss
My cheeks are thick and heavy
so you can feel a light touch

My feet are dangling and long
so your steps are firm and strong
Ugly and huge are my hands to behold
so you can catch, grasp and hold

Go ahead, indulge your senses
Be a slave to your desires
Let the drama of your life unfold
While my story here goes untold

Bored Neuron

I sit here
in the gray matter
waiting, waiting
for the neurotransmitter
to jolt me
to get me
excited, to realize
my action potential
to send the thrill
of an electric current
down my axon

Anesthesia: A Neuronal Perspective

I was firing like crazy
‘cause the brain of my man
was antsy that he was going
to be put under

Why is everybody
pushing and shoving
their impulses around?
Why is everyone throwing
their transmitters at me?

Hey you guys! Behave!
Our dude is trying to
talk to the nurse

Watch out you neuro-morons
Here comes Lady Fentanyl
and that crazy chick Versed

They are gonna get your
receptors, oh..peeee oid

It’s like where was I
Let me open my channels
I am fine, I am fine

I can shoot an output
My dendrites are all systems go
To catch any input

Hey, what’s this?
Why is my man
wobbling like this?

I hear it’s them
Lazy motor neurons
They’ll chill the whole day