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The Lab Lit List

Novels in the Lab Lit fiction genre (continued)

Last updated 31 May 2016

16 June 2014

Open Grave

by Kjell Eriksson
Thriller; lab lit lite: After Professor Bertram von Ohler is awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine, his neighbours don’t approve and mysterious things start to happen.
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Three Weeks in December

by Audrey Schulman
Historical Fiction: In 1899, a young engineer leaves to construct a railroad in east Africa, while in 2000, an American ethnobotanist in east Africa stumbles into an old story.
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Satin Island

by Tom McCarthy
Drama: An anthropologist consulting for a company becomes almost overwhelmed by too much information.
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Coffin Road

by Peter May
Drama: A scientist washes up on a Hebridean island with no memory of the shocking things that have befallen him.
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Easter Island

by Jennifer Vanderbes
Drama: A female paleobotanist moves to Easter Island to follow her passion, mirroring the 1970s journey of another woman.
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Conrad & Eleanor

by Jane Rogers
Drama/Thriller: Secrets are revealed during the disintegrating marriage of two scientists.
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Degrees of Freedom

by Lori Barrow
Thriller: A murder disrupts a group of physics graduates in the early Nineties.
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Night of Fire

by Collin Thubron
Drama: Seven people (landlord, priest, neurosurgeon, naturalist, photographer, schoolboy, traveler) in a house on fire, one chapter per character.
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The Lamentations of Zeno (translated from the German)

by Ilija Trojanow
Drama: A glaciologist working as a guide on an Antarctic cruise ship plans a desperate disruption
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Dying to Know

by Alison Joseph
Thriller: A particle collider in Kent hosts a murder.
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Resistance is Futile

by Jenny Colgan
Romantic Comedy: A brilliant female mathematician is recruited to a top-secret code breaking project
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My Last Continent

by Midge Raymond
Drama: Two penguin specialists find love in Antartica when one of their ships end up in trouble.
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A Doubter’s Almanac

by Ethan Canin
Drama: A mathematician grad student in Seventies California finds himself while exploring the art of research.
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by Antonia Hayes
Drama: 12-year-old physics and astronomy savant Ethan navigates his family’s past.
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by A.N. Wilson
Historical Fiction: An exploration of the life and times of the British explorer Captain Cook through the eyes of his ship’s botanist George Forster
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The Poison Artist

by Jonathan Moore
Thriller: A toxicologist studying pain and death finds himself drawn to a mysterious woman.
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The Atomic Weight of Love

by Elizabeth Church
Drama: The tale of an ornithologist married to a physics professor living in New Mexico in the early 1940s.
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Under a Pole Star

by Stef Penney
Historical Fiction: A geologist from Manhattan falls for a miner’s daughter during an Arctic expedition in the late 19th century.
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The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter

by John Pipkin
Historical Fiction: A women takes over her father’s legacy mapping the solar system and beyond.
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The Crossing Places

by Elly Griffiths
Thriller: A forensic archaeologist gets tangled up in a murder.
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A Beautiful Young Wife

by Tommy Wieringa
Drama: A celebrated microbiologist has a midlife crisis when he finally settles down with one woman.
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The Terranauts

by T.C. Boyle
Drama: A diverse group of people takes part in an ecological experiment in the Arizona desert.
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Freud’s Alphabet

by Jonathan Tel
Historical Fiction: A fictionalised account of Sigmund Freud in London.
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The Last Days of Night

by Graham Moore
Historical Fiction/Thriller: A fictionalized account of a lawsuit as Tesla’s and Edison’s lightbulb tehnologies battle for supremacy.
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by Jennifer Ball
Drama: Against the backdrop of a volatile marriage, fraud rears its head in a chemistry lab.
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