Iain Simpson on scientists vs. anti-vivisectionists

"Scientists and academic institutions have been too afraid to engage in the [animal rights] debate and, therefore, have allowed activists to set the agenda. Now I feel it is right to draw a line in the sand and say, 'No more.' "

- Iain Simpson, student activist, as quoted in the Guardian

There is a movement afoot in Britain to fight back against the anti-vivisectionists, and it's taking fire. Started by one person, a passionate 16-year-old called Laurie Pycroft, the movement has grown such that recently a thousand people protested for a controversial new lab at Oxford.

Another activist was quoted in the article as saying: "What has concerned me is that a culture has grown in society that dictates that unless they are reined in, scientists will go off the rails and pursue things we should be afraid of. ... There is an underlying scepticism of the work they do, and this has been fostered by their fear of explaining their work in case they are targeted by the animal rights movement."

You can read more about this intriguing development, in a feature by Steve Boggan, here.