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Dust to dust

From the LabLit science verse series

Maia Jarvis 12 October 2017

Lost in the race against immortal darkness,
Now begins the permanent blindness as we are
Swallowed up by crumbling earth
The air we once needed lying stagnant
In our previously heaving lungs
The unconscious inhale and exhale
That sweet beating drum suddenly

Our breath is snatched, the drum stick snapped
Fleshy, sinuous limbs reduced to calcium and keratin.
Muscle once packaged in supple skin
Now shrunken and shrivelled
Translucent and thin
Its dull, grey hue
Framing lips of indigo blue

Eyes permanently veiled by curtains of Egyptian parchment:
The show is over.
But who can be certain that there is no epilogue
A holy reunion with angels and a loving God:
Met by St. Peter at the pearly gates,
An image clasped tightly by those who wait

So we scratch and we claw at The Unanswered Question
Desperately clinging to any suggestions
But alas, what is this quintessence of dust,
Are we not merely like iron: destined to rust?

For we must all pass into Oblivion
That bloody battleground frequented by science and religion
Falling into a land where
Our minds are robbed of thought
But isn’t there always some comfort to be sought:
We all once had dreams that danced behind our eyes