George Lewith on the BBC's documentary Alternative Medicine

"We were encouraged to over-interpret, and proper scientific qualifications that might suggest alternative interpretations of the data appear to have been edited out of the programme."

- Professor George Lewith, as quoted in the Guardian

Some scientists who consulted for a recent BBC documentary (Alternative Medicine: The Evidence), which airs original experiments seeming to support acupuncture's efficacy, are disappointed with the show, according to an article by Simon Singh in the Guardian. Lewith, of Westminster University, was also quoted as saying that the science was "inappropriately sensationalised by the production team" and claimed that as the BBC had funded the experiment, "they wanted their money's worth – that's not a good basis for science." Another consultant, Professor Edzard Ernst of Exeter University, said: "Even when the evidence was outright negative, they someone bent over backwards to create another happy ending."

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