Kindred Links

A growing list of relevant websites recommended by the Editor

Contact us if you have a link we should know about.

Grrl Scientist – a highly intelligent and lively blog with a tendency toward the avian

SciTalk – puts writers in touch with real scientists

Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting – gives science advice to screenwriters

Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts – a scholarly society for the intersection of these three disciplines

Nature’s web focus: Artists on science/scientists on art – contains a number of great articles (most available only by subscription, alas) about the science/art/literature interface

EngineeringArt – a resource for artists needing technical/scientific advice to achieve their work The Naked Scientists – an entertaining radio and internet program about science and scientists

Science Books Blog – Science communications expert Jon Turney shares his passions for science in (mostly non-fiction) books

Medical Humanities – a blog space for medics interested in art

Seed magazine – 'Science is culture', they say: recently bought out a load of quality science blogs and definitely one to watch

Edge – a magazine for those who like their sci/culture to be weighty and intellectual

NESTA – a UK funding body generous to science/art projects

SAW (Science, Art and Writing) – a UK-based organization that brings together children, teachers, scientists, writers, artists and the local community with science as the central theme

InkyCircus – a fabulously irreverent blog/zine by and for girl science nerds

HardSF – discussion, research, and analysis of Hard Science Fiction (SF with realistic scientist characters)

Cocktail Party Physics – Part blog, part gossip column featuring geek-chic and physics-inspired cocktail recipes in euqal measure

Element List – a growing comprensive list of research labs and science-related databases, educational sites, science blogs and podcasts