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Blinded by Science

The Amazing Adventures of the Coommassie Blue Kid

Harrison Bae Wein is pleased to launch our publication of original fiction with the first of a series of tongue-in-cheek short stories by Harrison Bae Wein. The series consists of nine stories, each written in a different style, that follow the career of a scientist called Fluke from graduate school to Nobel Prize. These stories should be largely understandable to a general audience, but if you are a non-scientist and are curious about what some of the technical words (including ‘Coomassie Blue’) mean, you can browse Harrison's glossary.

About the author:

Harrison Bae Wein wrote the stories comprising Blinded By Science while earning his doctorate in cell and molecular biology. At the time, there were no dedicated outlets for 'lab lit' fiction (he called it 'Fictional Science' at the time), but his colleagues enjoyed them and passed them around. That was 10 years ago, and he is very happy to share them now with a larger audience. Harrison has long since left the lab to become a science writer. He has continued to write fiction and has had several short stories published. And he's just completed his first novel, The Life and Opinions of the Housecat Hastings. You can visit his website.