Professor Sir Antony R. Hoare on selfless scientific strategies

"[S]cientists start by trying very hard to disprove what they hope is true. When they fail to disprove what they hope is true, then they have a good reason for believing it, and they can even convince others of its truth. A scientist always acknowledges the possibility of error, and is less likely to be mistaken than one who always claims to be right."

- Professor Sir Antony R. Hoare, senior researcher, Microsoft

Spiked magazine recently asked a large number of scientists to name one thing they thought everyone should learn about science. The results were varied and enlightening, ranging from the predicatable (Richard Dawkins urging a better understanding of Darwinian selection) to the deliciously technical (Peggy Lemaux bemoaning people's ignorance of the basic chemical equation underlying photosynthesis). You can read all of the answers here.