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The Lab Lit List

Novels in the Lab Lit fiction genre (continued)

Last updated 9 December 2018

Jennifer Rohn 9 December 2018

The list of novels is spread over three separate pages, and other media appear on the fourth page. If you're searching for a book, please don't forget to check all three pages using the links below.

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The Terranauts

by T.C. Boyle
Drama: A diverse group of people takes part in an ecological experiment in the Arizona desert.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Freud’s Alphabet

by Jonathan Tel
Historical Fiction: A fictionalised account of Sigmund Freud in London.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Last Days of Night

by Graham Moore
Historical Fiction/Thriller: A fictionalized account of a lawsuit as Tesla’s and Edison’s lightbulb tehnologies battle for supremacy.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Jennifer Ball
Drama: Against the backdrop of a volatile marriage, fraud rears its head in a chemistry lab.
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Essex Serpent

by Sarah Perry
Historical Fiction: An amateur Victorian naturalist with no patience for superstition is convinced that what local people think is a magical beast may be a yet-undiscovered species.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Last Pilot

by Benjamin Johncock
Drama: A trained pilot makes choices between family and the space program in the early 1950s.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Dragon Keeper

by Mindy Mejia
Drama:A reptile specialist in a zoo tries to protect her komodo dragon from a media frenzy after it appears to lay eggs without having a mate.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Ann Veronica

by H.G: Wells
Drama: lab lit lite: A female biology major in Edwardian London finds love.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Evangelist

by Clare George
Drama: An evolutionary biologist writes his memoirs about the nature of science and God.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Cat Zero

by Jennifer Rohn
Thriller: A female scientist joins forces with a sexist mathematician to understand a dangerous cat virus that may be a threat to humans.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Wanderers

by Meg Howrey
Drama:A group of astronauts trains for a mission to Mars while their families come to terms with the prospect of separation.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by A.N. Wilson
Historical drama: A novel about Captain Cook’s discovery to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, as seen through the eyes of botanist George Forster.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Us Conductors

by Sean Michaels
Historical fiction: A Russian scientist, spy and prisoner is torn between Manhattan and his native Russia.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Sylvia Torti
Drama: Two neurologists who experiment on songbirds in a university laboratory must confront emotional truths to be released from their own individual cages.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

by Christopher Edge
Young adult fiction: Albie’s parents are both scientists, and when his mother dies, his father is left to explain where she went.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Time and Space of Uncle Albert

by Russell Stannard
Young Adult fiction: Book one in the bestselling Uncle Albert science and adventure series.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Some Of Us Glow More Than Others

by Tania Hershman
Short stories: A collection reflecting what life is like at the cutting edge of technology.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Robert Harris
Historical drama: During the second World War, which side will solve fission first and create the ultimate weapon? Classic territory but with a spy angle…
Links: Amazon (UK)


by L.A. Larkin
Thriller: A glaciologist living in Antarctica gets wind of a global catastrophe. Is there time to save the world?
Links: Amazon (UK)

An English Guide to Birdwatching

by Nicholas Royle
Drama: A story about society, birds, social justice and a mix-up between two authors and their work.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Museum of Cathy

by Anna Stothard
Historical Drama: Lab Lit Lite: A story about an English woman working as a curator of natural history in Berlin.
Links: Amazon (UK)

God is an Astronaut

by Alyson Foster
Drama: A female botanist has to decide whether to follow her Elon Musk-like husband into space to save their marriage.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Weike Wang
Drama: A chemistry PhD is bombing out of graduate school…is it the right thing for her to do?
Links: our reviewAmazon (UK)


by Robin Cook
Thriller: Why do all those routine hospital patients keep dying? A medical student and her lab partner start to investigate.
Links: Amazon (UK)

pH: A Novel

by Nancy Lord
Thriller: A marine biologist and his student crew embark on cruise in the Gulf of Alaska to understand the worrying acidification underway.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Devil’s Garden

by Edward Docx
Drama: A research team studying ants in the Amazon get endangered by a corrupt military regime.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Brother in Ice

by Alicia Kopf
Drama: Lab lit lite. Translated from the Catalan. A curious blend of fact and fiction, art and science, superimposed over polar explorations past and present.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Perfect Marriage

by Alison Booth
Romance/Thriller: A scientist meets a charismatic geneticist on a plane and her secrets begin to unravel.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Out of the Ice

by Ann Turner
Thriller: An environmental scientist stumbles into a psychological drama on a remote Anatarctic island.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Aminatta Forna
Drama: A psychiatrist and a biologist meet up in London and start to look into why an immigrant child has gone missing.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Overstory

by Richard Powers
Drama: A complex and unusual tale of trees: eight characters (one of whom is a scientist) struggle to save the forests.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Tempter

by Norbert Wiener
Drama: Engineer-scientist Gregory James draws another scientist into subterfuge.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Give Me Your Hand

by Megan Abbott
Thriller: Old friends and rivals with a deadly secret suddenly find themselves as researchers in the same lab.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Chemistry Lesson

by Meredith Goldstein
Romance: A lab researcher experiments with pheromones to try to rekindle her love life.
Links: Amazon (UK)

We Love You, Charlie Freeman

by Kaitlyn Greenidge
Drama: Lab lit lite: An African-American family is invited to live with a chimp as part of a scientific study – but is it as simple as it seems?
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Voyage of the Narwhal

by Andrea Barrett
Historical Drama: The crew of The Narwhal sets out in 1854 to explore the Artic region.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Servants of the Map

by Andrea Barrett
Historical Fiction/Romance: A collection of stories and novellas on the border of science and desire
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Road to Wellville

by T. C. Boyle
Historical Drama: A fictionalized account about John Harvey Kellogg, the real-life inventor of cornflakes, and his science of ‘wellness’ (inspired a film by the same name).
Links: Amazon (UK)

Shooting the Sun

by Max Byrd
Drama: A tale, part fiction and part fact, about an expedition to see an eclipse in the 1840s.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Confessing a Murder

by Nicholas Drayson
Historical Fiction: The story about the Theory of Evolution told from the point of view of a fictional character who ‘knew’ Darwin and Wallace.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Katherine Govier
Historic Drama: A fictionalized account of the naturalist John Audubon during the creation of his masterpiece, Birds of North America.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Signal and Noise

by John Griesmer
Historical Drama: A story about laying the first transatlantic telegraph cable, with a fictional main character embedded in plenty of historical fact.
Links: Amazon (UK)

Hippolyte’s Island, An Illustrated Novel

by Barbara Hodgson
Illustration : Fictional map drawer and explorer Hippolyte Webb on a quest for vanished lands – with many details from actual real-life explorations.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Invention of Everything Else

by Samantha Hunt
Historical Drama: A fictionalized account of Nikola Tesla, who has built a live-in lab in a New York hotel.
Links: Amazon (UK)

The Memory Artists

by Jeffrey Moore
Drama: A story about memory disorders and a grad student who want to find a cure for his mother’s Alzheimer’s.
Links: Amazon (UK)

An Imperfect Lens

by Anne Richardson Roiphe
Historical Drama: Chemists from Paris search for the source of the cholera epidemic in 1880s Egypt.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Josephine Wilson
Drama: A retired engineer stuck in a nursing home gets shaken out of his morose musings.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Douglas Preston
Drama: The tale of a chimpanzee brought up as a human child.
Links: Amazon (UK)


by Barbara Kingsolver
Drama: The tale of four generations who have occupied the same house in New Jersey, including amateur scientists.
Links: Amazon (UK)

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