Guidelines for contributors

Who can contribute? heartily welcomes original (unpublished) quality material from any interested reader who has something to say or show and would like to contribute to any regular (or irregular) section.

What sorts of pieces are considered?

The format is flexible and all items related to’s brief will be seriously considered (see the About section for more information on our mission). Please keep in mind that your piece should be largely understandable to a non-scientific audience.

What’s the arrangement?

If your work is selected, you will keep the copyright but will be asked to grant a non-exclusive license; we also reserve the right to copy-edit if necessary (for example, to correct spelling/grammar or to make minor modifications if we think laypeople won’t get it; major modifications will be discussed). This forum is currently a labor of love, so we will be unable to pay for contributions at this time; we do, however, offer scope for self-promotion and linking out to the external sites of your choice.

Ready to contribute now?

If you have a piece to submit, or want to discuss a proposal, then please contact the Editor by email.