From the LabLit science verse series

Lavinia Kumar 21 October 2012

For so many years it was forgotten,
long after the black hole up-ended
whizzed around the glass cocktail stick
separated neatly into pro and con,
positive and negative, male female
north south, and symmetry satisfied.

The electron waltzed with the plus,
calico skirt waving in hooped rhythm,
the genteel dance played by the trio,
men in knee socks and pantaloons
ready for dance, then riding, later golf,
and women behind jewelry and fans

till suddenly the uninvited muon came,
slipped between the legs. It was heavier
than expected, but there was not a quark
to be found anywhere in the clouds
or mist of the garden bordered
by paths and box hedges -

oh, the butler paled Who ordered that?
scaring the pageboys who searched
the dark cellar for the anti-muon
then slid them together in the greenhouse.
The rabbi bowed down with the priest
and begged the muon to confess.

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