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The graphene conundrum

From the LabLit science verse series

Lavinia Kumar 4 August 2014

Scotch-taped honey-combs between runny
sweetness slip amid the atoms as bucky
balls are beaten down to small phenes. Chicks
run coarse, dodging lines and chambers, and bees
buzz as small dry-ice sandwiches give freely
of their oxygen to the queen. Oh, but
hydrogen enters to surround the glassy silicon
with lullabies even as jealous carbon cousins
swing to a lower plane and seek privacy
cell by cell. However, their protons argue, insist
on meditating to six degrees of separation
even as they hypnotize digital charges to share
their minus space. Stage right, a spider traps
light to digest plasmons till desperate wafers
span wide over solar dream catchers woven
by sun rays to skate over the honey-combs –
but then, alas, they corrugate and stick.

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